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Moving in

Moving, the bittersweet process of leaving one dwelling and settling in another, is not just about changing address.

It is about breaking your back carrying those heavy boxes and running around making all the necessary – and the less necessary but obligatory- paperwork. But it’s also a moment to stop and evaluate your life and the role of all the things you have gathered around you over the weeks, months and years. What do you really need to take with you, what can be packed away to storage and what are you ready to let go?

Some things I will always take with me

Going through old school papers, letters and Christmas cards and stopping to read one of them with a nostalgic smile on your face or a tear in the corner of your eye. And finally, taking the last walk in the empty rooms remembering all the moments that took place between those walls and moved you, changed you, made you grow to be the person you are today.

And once you have closed that door turning the key with tender fingers, a new kind of feeling starts to take over. Sitting on the front seat of the van with all your earthy belongings piled up there behind your back: What kind of life do I want to live in this new home of mine?

I’m positive I will fill this place with inspiring ideas, splashes of color, flavors of food for the body and soul, quiet moments of meditation and yoga, laughs with friends, dreams of magical places and small treasures that can be found in everyday life.

And last, what about forgetting those desperate trips to Ikea and visiting your local flea markets, second-hand and vintage stores instead? If you happen to live in Brussels, try these:

Place du Jeu de Balle open air flea market. Every day from 07:00 to 14:00, most vivid during the weekends & sunny days. Metro: Porte de Hal. Everything from cups and plates to tables and dresses for negotiable prices. And why not sit down for a cup of coffee in one of the cafés that surround this lively square to observe the other treasure hunters. Also discover the antique dealers and second-hand shops in the surroundings: Rue Haute, Rue Blaes and Place du Sablon.

Les Petits Riens A chain of second-hand stores. The main store is located at Rue Américaine 101, 1050 Brussel – Ixelles, where you can find 4 floors full of furniture, household appliances and dishes for delightful prices.

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