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Diet – Preparation

Last Saturday four young women decided that it’s time to cut the chips and candy and to fit in our favorite jeans again for the approaching summer holidays. A chat at the office turned into an ambitious plan and starting from tomorrow the plan will be put into action. All of us have our own individual goals, but the most important thing is that we have each other to go through this hopefully permanent life change.

None of us can be called fat, but as the years go by and we keep eating for joy and sorrow, snacking in front of the TV and emptying the office wending machine of chocolate bars; one day we notice that the zipper of that black skirt doesn’t close anymore and wonder if the blazer shrank at the dry-cleaner’s. It’s time to do something, now.

We are not going to starve ourselves, but leave out all those snacks, eat healthy food at regular hours, minimize alcohol and sugary beverages and drink a lot of water. We will also try to do some exercise and keep a food diary to follow up what and when we eat. Fingers crossed We Will Make It!

The Goal:

Today, I walked to the Bio Market to buy vegetables for the upcoming week. The idea is to eat a home cooked lunch every day.

Tonight is a good time to get inspired with delicious and healthy recipes. Luckily I already own some good vegetarian cook books. I’ll make sure to share my most delicious recipes and experiments with you!

And today, I’ll allow myself one final treat before our mission officially starts tomorrow morning.

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  1. Johanna says

    OMG!! I cannot beleive it, you made it official! Lol. All the more reason to stick to our regime. When I mentioned it to my hubby, he replied with “but you already eat healthy” obviously conveniently forgetting my one bag of crisps a day-diet for the past year. To sum up, I could use all the encouragement I can get! Enjoy your last evening as a “fatty fatty fat fat”! :p

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