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Sweet Saturday, Sunny Sunday

I had to spend Saturday at the office; which sometimes happens and feels especially dull on a sunny day like this Saturday. A good way to work through it is to remind yourself of how amazing colleagues you have and to have lunch on a terrace. This is exactly what I did, and the work got done too.

I had lunch at Pain Quotidien (Daily Bread). The vegetarian tartine was delicious and the organic coffee gave me just the kick I needed to continue working.

These cakes made me drool, but I settled for eye candy this time. But this place is great, I will make sure to try their brunch one Sunday.

A new way to wrap a scarf I hadn't worn for a long time.

As I finished the working day, some clouds were starting to gather in the sky.

A cute little statue on the road. Cute because it IS a statue. Not that I wouldn't absolutely love dogs, but here in the city it seems that even if you wouldn't see a single dog all day, you'll for sure step on one of the little reminders they leave behind.

Dinner at Publico. A cosy Italian place with salty olives and fresh bread. The main course was a bit too greasy for my liking though.

I never noticed before the charming chandeliers they have at Lord Byron. It unfortunately is still allowed to smoke inside, but the good cocktails and great company is what counts!

Time to call it a night. The town hall of St. Gilles looked amazing in the moon light.

Sunday started with a trip to an indoor flea market that took place at a school close by. The king and queen were overseeing the event.

Obelix was also there.

Who would like to give a new home for these guys?

After, we had lunch at Phat on Rue Américaine 122, a totally new place to me and apparently to Brussels as well. I loved the interior design: chic and cosy at the same time. Minimalistic but with many small details.

The food... is very American. 'Bye bye diet' I thought when choosing my burger from the two vegetarian options on the menu; have to give them credit for that! This one was with grilled vegetables,baked goat cheese and spinach.

I was happy about my new silver necklace which I bought from a lovely old lady at the flea market.

Other findings include: a tunic for the summer

and three small metal boxes.

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