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Vegetarian Lasagna

If you have a little bit of everything and kind of nothing in the fridge, try this lasagna recipe. You can improvise endlessly and try different variations of it, depending what you have at home.

Red sauce: Onions, courgette, sweet red pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, carrots, soya mince, olives etc. Fry in a wok, add some tomato sauce, garlic, fresh basil, herb salt and black pepper. You can add some red wine if you want.

White sauce: Soya creme, one or two organic eggs, cheese (soft goat cheese, feta, parmesan, mozzarella and/or cottage cheese depending on what you have), muscat nut and white pepper. Try with a bit of lemon juice as well.

Build the lasagna in layers and add some mozzarella on top. Bake in 200c 20-30min. Cover the lasagna with some aluminium foil if it starts to look too brown too early.

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