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Vintage Oslo

One late sunny afternoon I walked up to Markveien, where the coolest vintage stores in Oslo are located. Here is what I found.

Froken Dianas Salonger

After a long walk with a map I drew on a post-it before calling it a day at the office, I arrived at Markveien, where the vintage stores awaited. The area is a calm residential area with a beautiful park and young couples pushing their carry-cots. Froken Dianas Salonger was  like a little universe of its own.

Elise, one of the owners told me that most of the things in the shop have been hand picked on their travels to the US.  The store had a candy store feel to it, with an impressive selection of colorful jewellery, dresses, blouses and skirts for women. Accessories included both old and new, funny and elegant items from vintage leather clutches to Jesus-shaped soaps and cool iPhone covers.

All the beautiful clothes were hanging from clothes hangers made of pearls. This store is definitely worth a visit!

Further down the street (Markveien 51) I found another interesting store. Fretex, owned by the Norwegian Salvation Army,  has 43 second hand stores in Norway and is a major player in the field of recycling of textiles and paper in the country. This particular store had quite a nice selection of clothes for men and women, some furniture and tableware as well.

The fitting rooms at Fretex were pretty cool.

The last stop was UFF Underground, which I accidentally found on my way back to the hotel. This store is a part of an independent, non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organisation founded in 1987. The store is located in a big basement on Storgata 1 and has the biggest selection and lowest prices of the three stores I visited. I could have easily spent a few hours in there, but since it was almost closing time and I had already found two beautiful dresses, I decided to pay & go.

One of the dresses I found at UFF.

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  1. azerty says

    Thanks! I’m going there tomorrow, I’ll definitely check these stores out!

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