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My 30th Birthday (part 1)

That’s right, I hit the Big 3-0. Luckily I had the most wonderful people around me to celebrate with. Since the weather seemed a bit unpredictable and we had tons of food, we decided to enjoy lunch inside and continue to the park afterwards if the weather allowed. (Thanks An for this first set of pictures, more will follow from my camera)

My friends: You made my day perfect. I’ve spent 10% of my life here in Belgium now and met such wonderful people. Bisousss!

As Jan put it:

“A Happy Annemarianniversary! 30 is a turning point, everything is gonna be even more fabulous afterwards! And we will help you with that!”

Thanks to Karina and Elinor for helping me with the cooking.

…and for decorating the beautiful and delicious cake.

Jan arrived and the paparazzi was ready.

And since the sun had finally arrived, it was time to call it PikNik Elektronik!

A walk through the forest.

It was the first PikNik Elektronik of the season.

Then a mysterious present arrived…

And a Dream came true: A new camera!! I couldn’t believe it!

then we danced.

beautiful JoJo.

Then it got a little blurry, but home safe home and ohh what a day it was. 🙂

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  1. Maria says

    Oh… it looks just perfect!!
    You were positively glowing! It looked like a beautifull day at the park, and everyone seemed to be having a great time!
    Looking at all the pictures, I’m really sorry I wasn’t there… But hey, there are many years of celebrations yet to come, and it will just keep getting better!! 🙂
    Muitos beijinhos and happy birthday!!

    • Thank you dear! It was a lovely afternoon, and let’s make sure that next year we can celebrate our birthdays together! Beijinhos

  2. Mari says

    Heiii synttärityttö! Fb takkuaa ni piti tänne tulla myöhäsesti toivottamaa valtavat ONNET mahtavalle vuosikymmenelle siirtymisestä ja ihanaista synttäripäivää (kuvien perusteella ainaki näyttää just sellaselta!) 😀 Terkut ja halit ❤
    – Mari

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