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Finnish culinary

You might wonder why whenever I’ve been back home I return with a couple of extra kilos. This is why:

Black currant, mint and chocolate cake. I ordered this from the bakery for my 25th birthday. Five years later the taste was equally divine.

Risotto with forest mushrooms and roasted beetroot.

And goat cheese salad, one of my absolute favorite dishes in the world.

The crown jewel of Carelia: Riisipyörö with eggs and butter.

Boiling some new potatoes on a warm afternoon by the lake.

A clod of butter and some Karelian pasty to go.

Warm Finnish squeaky cheese served with cloudberry jam.

Vegetarian cabbage rolls with smoked root vegetables and lingonberry jam.

Followed by some Sisu ice cream for sugar and stamina.

Home made vegetarian carpaccio with a Mediterranean breeze.

Every Thursday the whole city gathers at the market place for some pancakes.

Strawberry cake at a summer party.

And of course some bubbles!

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