Month: August 2011


I’ve not felt Super for the past couple of days. Must be the changing weather but as it get’s colder outside, my body temperature seems to raise up; maybe it’s just a balancing effect, but anyway… I have some fever. Therefore I decided to cook a healthy lunch rich in vitamins and other good stuff. Take some green salad, a sliced red onion, one grated carrot, one jointed tomato, a few green or black olives, some sundried tomatoes and feta cheese and mix them all up in a big salad bowl. Add some seeds (pine nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds) if you wish, a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Dress with just a hint of salt and pepper. Mix once more and place on your plate. Yummy and ready in no time!

with my Fox

I found this hand made silk blouse in a vintage store already a good year ago. I love the golden drawn picture of a fox on it, it travels with me wherever I go, not cunning but humming as we go.


There is a new bar in town; And not just any bar! Open since late June this year this charming place named after the Russian 1920’s battleship movie has a small cinema of it’s own! Porte de Halle was not the most intriguing neighborhood in Brussels and the first time I visited Potemkine I was wondering where did all these interesting funny-looking people hide before? Sit down by a wooden table with your laptop, bring your handcrafts with you for a cup of coffee, admire the austere medieval tower from the huge terrace, come to listen the up and coming bands, have lunch or a beer with your friends, make new friends or sit down in the tiny cinema upstairs to enjoy a movie. The Russian theme is present almost imperceptibly from the good selection of vodka to the Volga draft beer, from the matrushkas lined up over the bar to the fonts used in the printed materials. P.S. Take a look at the wall paper; It’s impressive!

Last weekend of August

Autumn is in the air, most definitely. But just before I start to take out the jackets, coats, scarfs and gloves again, I will enjoy the last August afternoons in cotton lace. Dress: Jasmin Santanen Paris, leggings: Sarah Pacini, shoes: Max Mara, Clutch: Gianfranco Ferre, Necklace: Pomellato.

I need it! Or do I?

This Sunday morning when I was drinking my tea, I turned on the TV. The TV Shopping channel opened in front of me, introducing me to eye-opening innovations that would change my life. Instead of changing the channel, I decided to see what they had to offer. And WOW, this is what I would get: The perfect abs in just 3min a day, a bra that would feel like a second skin, and a wallet that would basically solve all the problems of my every day life. I have to admit, this stuff is very well thought through by some marketing masterminds. I was hooked, observing how skillfully needs were created from nowhere. As an example: the Aluma Wallet (an aluminium cased wallet with plastic sleeves inside ) would: 1. Keep my money and cards safe, when I drop my wallet in a puddle or in the waves when I’m at the seaside. (Ok, I never dropped my wallet in water, never! And if I ever would, we’ll s**t happens and my good leather wallet would …

Still here.

This tunic/dress has become my absolute favorite. It warms me up when I’m cold, it cools me down when I’m warm. Silk is a wonderful material! All Saints Tunic, a second hand Marni T-shirt, leggings from H&M, a Burberry bag and Martin Margiela shoes.

Friday night

Tonight I stayed in, ate delicious pasta, followed by some raspberry sorbet. A glass of wine and Sleepless in Seattle. The perfect way to recharge my batteries after a week at the office. Fry a sliced onion and some red sweet pepper in a frying pan in a generous amount of olive oil. Add some garlic, sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Spice with salt, pepper and some balsamic cream. I would’ve added some fresh basil, if I’d had some. Boil some tagliatelle and enjoy!