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I need it! Or do I?

This Sunday morning when I was drinking my tea, I turned on the TV. The TV Shopping channel opened in front of me, introducing me to eye-opening innovations that would change my life. Instead of changing the channel, I decided to see what they had to offer. And WOW, this is what I would get: The perfect abs in just 3min a day, a bra that would feel like a second skin, and a wallet that would basically solve all the problems of my every day life. I have to admit, this stuff is very well thought through by some marketing masterminds. I was hooked, observing how skillfully needs were created from nowhere. As an example: the Aluma Wallet (an aluminium cased wallet with plastic sleeves inside ) would:

1. Keep my money and cards safe, when I drop my wallet in a puddle or in the waves when I’m at the seaside. (Ok, I never dropped my wallet in water, never! And if I ever would, we’ll s**t happens and my good leather wallet would have to soak for a good while before any serious damage would be done).

2. Avoid me having to empty my bag on the passenger seat at the drive-in when searching for my wallet with a line of other drivers pushing their horns behind me. (I don’t own a car, I never go to drive-ins, my handbag is not an indefinite black hole, where things disappear and if I ever would go to a drive-in I’m sure I could find my wallet as easily as in any other occasion. And if not, I think the Aluma wallet would be just as hard to find as my old one. And if I would keep it in the central container of the car as in the ad, I would just forget it there).

3. Keeps my identity secure! Imagine that through your leather bag and your normal old fashioned wallet, dangerous infrared rays can access your private data, but with the Aluma wallet’s aluminium cover, you and your identity are secured at all times. (Any other things I need to be afraid of?)

4. You’ll never know when your medical insurance card will come in handy! (Well, it travels with me in my old wallet perfectly fine).

5. In the advertisement a business man explains how the Aluma wallet is better than a money clip, because it’s water proof. (I wonder if anyone buying a money clip is expecting it to be water proof).

6. The film shows people from all age-groups, both men and women, college students, business men, house wifes; anyone can easily identify to them. This product really saves Your life!

7. Where do I put my coins? All the people in the film seem to carry only banknotes and an exact, limited amount of cards.

Ok, I will not dig further into this, but seriously… I’m happy with my 7 years old Comme des Garcons wallet with just one compartment. It can secrete a cute mess inside, some mornings it can be annoyingly hard to find and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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