Away from Home
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There is a new bar in town; And not just any bar! Open since late June this year this charming place named after the Russian 1920’s battleship movie has a small cinema of it’s own! Porte de Halle was not the most intriguing neighborhood in Brussels and the first time I visited Potemkine I was wondering where did all these interesting funny-looking people hide before? Sit down by a wooden table with your laptop, bring your handcrafts with you for a cup of coffee, admire the austere medieval tower from the huge terrace, come to listen the up and coming bands, have lunch or a beer with your friends, make new friends or sit down in the tiny cinema upstairs to enjoy a movie. The Russian theme is present almost imperceptibly from the good selection of vodka to the Volga draft beer, from the matrushkas lined up over the bar to the fonts used in the printed materials. P.S. Take a look at the wall paper; It’s impressive!

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