Month: September 2011

Levi’s Sample SALE

Back in the early 1990’s when I was in upper secondary school and Beverly Hills 90210 was showing the way to dress and do one’s hair, the Levi’s 501 jeans were the ultimate style statement. They were also one of the first encounters I had with counterfeit products as people brought back jeans from their holidays in Turkey or the Canary Islands. Russia and Estonia were also close enough to go shopping for inexpensive clothes and pirate CD’s. Even if I have to admit that the 501 were not the most flattering jeans I’ve ever had, throughout the years Levi’s has always represented the True Blue Jeans somewhere deep in my mind. So when a friend of mine who is working for the company invited me to visit a sample sale here in Brussels, I got curious. And even if I’m not in the mindset of buying anything at the moment, I came home with a couple of interesting items. Still the tags “Made in Sri Lanka” and “Made in Turkey” remind you that Levi’s is …

Musée de la Photographie

A few of days ago I visited the Museum of Photography in Charleroi with a Finnish friend of mine to see the exhibition of our country woman Susanna Majuri. I have to admit that the first time I read about her work was in the Belgian press only a few months ago but the magical atmostphere of her Nordic Water Tales photographs made my heart skip a beat. The exhibition was smaller than we expected but full of emotion and strange mythical atmosphere. But even if the changing exhibition was small, the museum has an impressive 80.000 photographs in it’s collection (of which 800 are permanently exhibited). Browsing through the labyrinth rooms and corridors of the former late 19th century convent you get a good overview of the history of Photography from the pioneers to contemporary creations. There were also several temporary exhibitions as well as a dedicated creative area for children. In addition the museum hosts a large collection of cameras. Since we didn’t receive a floor plan when we entered the museum we …

Playing a boy

Lately I’ve been inspired by early 20th century industrial workers, both men and women. But today mostly men. Photo: Lunch Break by Charles C. Ebbets, 1932. Click image for source. Body Sinequanone, jeans and shoes borrowed.  

Postcards from Charleroi

Today Charleroi is one of the poorest and less attractive cities in Belgium and the only reason most of us might go close to it is to fly cheap from it’s airport. But during the industrial revolution this city was the pearl of Wallonia and just behind Brussels the second richest city in the country. But the industry faded and the descendants of the locals and Italian immigrants that once worked in the coal mines are now passing time in bleak cafés or wandering on the banks of the river Sambre as the unemployment rate exceeded 30% in 2006. Most of the shops are closed with thick layers of dust covering the windows that still remain intact. And somewhere below the deserted houses sleeps a half built metro network. But there are construction works going on in almost every street corner and in some of the abandoned display windows is a sign of a new upcoming opening. On our way to the Musée de la Photographie we passed some beautiful old houses that resembled small castles. The …

Girls night in the country

Last weekend I got a small break from the city, when we visited my friend’s beautiful house in a small village outside Brussels. I don’t have to go far to realize how stressful everyday life is in the city. Here I could breath in the tranquility of life together with cows, horses, sheep and birds surrounded by forest and corn fields. And just when I thought that life is sweet we got to eat delicious homemade pizza while watching a romantic comedy, laugh until it hurt and speak in our own language! In the night I slept like a log without any ambulance speeding by or tram shaking the building.