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Miele Catwalk 2011 (Part 2: Underneath your clothes)

Marie Jo L’Aventure 2011 collection is a result of co-operation with designer Veronique Branquinho and celebrates the 30th birthday of the Haute Lingerie brand. These luxurious, elegant and vintage inspired pieces come in two main colors: onyx and emerald. The silhouettes are clear and timeless. When the perfectly golden tanned models walked forward in their red wigs it seemed as if a display window from the 60’s had suddenly come to life. I like the demi corps that beautifully combines transparent material and perfect support. It finds it’s perfect pair in the retro style high-waisted briefs.

Lenny Leleu is a German born designer and another talent from the Antwerp Royal Academy of fine arts. On the Miele Catwalk she gave an overview of her swimwear collections from 2007 to 2012. Her adventurous line is produced in Belgium and has achieved success worldwide. Lenny Leleu really stole the show with her gorgeous ballet dancers and excellent choice of music.

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