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Musée de la Photographie

A few of days ago I visited the Museum of Photography in Charleroi with a Finnish friend of mine to see the exhibition of our country woman Susanna Majuri. I have to admit that the first time I read about her work was in the Belgian press only a few months ago but the magical atmostphere of her Nordic Water Tales photographs made my heart skip a beat. The exhibition was smaller than we expected but full of emotion and strange mythical atmosphere.

But even if the changing exhibition was small, the museum has an impressive 80.000 photographs in it’s collection (of which 800 are permanently exhibited). Browsing through the labyrinth rooms and corridors of the former late 19th century convent you get a good overview of the history of Photography from the pioneers to contemporary creations. There were also several temporary exhibitions as well as a dedicated creative area for children. In addition the museum hosts a large collection of cameras. Since we didn’t receive a floor plan when we entered the museum we got a bit lost and didn’t visit the rooms in chronological order. The museum is definitely worth visiting! As a small minus: all the food served in the modern cafeteria seemed to come straight out of a can, pass through the microwave and on to your plate.

This photo by Michel Cleempoel (1954) was just magical and oh so ordinary at the same time.


  1. Wow, thanks for this blog as I loved your story and the images are crisp and I am now interested in the photographer featured Susanna Majuri. In fact the whole Museum looks awesome

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