Year: 2011

A cloudy day in Oostende

When two friends balancing on the edge of a burnout need to reconnect with what really matters, a walk by the sea comes naturally into the picture. The clouds were hanging low in the late October sky and small drops of rain wrapped us in a wet embrace as we walked along the rising tide.

Happy Halloween!

A Halloween dinner plan turned into a proper costume party! Thanks to Hannah and Lee for being the perfect hosts and for turning their beautiful apartment into the house of horror. When I got home I had the feeling that tomorrow was going to be a Bad-hair-day…

in the Arabian Night

Last weekend I spent 36 hours in Marrakech. 36 busy, interesting and memorable hours full of movement, warmth, art and color. Since it will take a while for me to go through all the pictures I took, here are two wardrobe pictures from an art exhibition opening in a Moroccan palace. I’m wearing a Helmut Lang dress, Christian Dior shoes and a clutch from Hat Me!

Anna Calvi at AB

On Monday I went to see Anna Calvi at Ancienne Belgique here in Brussels. Walking up to the stage in her already signature black high waist trousers and crimson red blouse she was like a flamenco dancer ready to release her passion. Backed by a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist the singer who was playing the guitar in sky-high stiletto heels took two seconds to wrap the audience around her little finger. She has been compared among others to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave and there was something distant and unreachable as well as savage and deeply human to her performance at the same time. I loved the dark romantic atmosphere created by the harmonium and the way Calvi used her powerful voice gave me goosebumps. Picture from Anna Calvi’s Desire video by Aoife McArdle In between songs her rich low alto changed into a shy fragile voice and she suddenly seemed almost insecure in front of the crowd. But once she hit the strings of her guitar this was all gone and back was the …

Levi’s Sample SALE

Back in the early 1990’s when I was in upper secondary school and Beverly Hills 90210 was showing the way to dress and do one’s hair, the Levi’s 501 jeans were the ultimate style statement. They were also one of the first encounters I had with counterfeit products as people brought back jeans from their holidays in Turkey or the Canary Islands. Russia and Estonia were also close enough to go shopping for inexpensive clothes and pirate CD’s. Even if I have to admit that the 501 were not the most flattering jeans I’ve ever had, throughout the years Levi’s has always represented the True Blue Jeans somewhere deep in my mind. So when a friend of mine who is working for the company invited me to visit a sample sale here in Brussels, I got curious. And even if I’m not in the mindset of buying anything at the moment, I came home with a couple of interesting items. Still the tags “Made in Sri Lanka” and “Made in Turkey” remind you that Levi’s is …