Month: April 2012

lunch at the laundrette

Since I’m busy packing, I have to make the most of every minute. I was trying to make a super fast pasta while my clothes were turning round and round in the machine at the laundrette. But once the pasta was cooked I had to run again to throw my laundry into the dryer. So, I ended up eating my lunch at the laundrette while listening to the humming of the machines. While I was eating my pasta from a lunch box, I remembered my favorite café in Saint Petersburg. At Stirka you could order drinks, delicious toasts and listen to live music while waiting for your laundry. I even ended up having a photo exhibition there. Those were the times… And for the pasta: Chop one onion and some garlic and fry them a bit in olive oil in a saucer. Add some dark soy mince (spiced with soy sauce, chili and paprika powder and salt. You should add some water to the soy mince 15min earlier, so it’s nice and ready to use). Then add …


A bit over a month ago I made a big decision to jump without a parachute. I resigned from my job, resigned from my apartment without any backup plan what so ever. I was surprised when no one told me I was crazy, or mad, or that I was taking a huge risk. Instead I got support, encouragement, admiration and love. And now, almost four years after I arrived in Brussels, it is time to pack my bags and welcome a new exciting period in life. A new job. A new country. A new green, rainy, lovely chapter in life. During my Brussels years I’ve got to know some of the most amazing, wonderful people I’ve ever met in my life. From each and every one of them I’ve learned so much, shared laughs and tears and so many memorable moments. And for the past week I’ve received so many beautiful words and messages. I wish that all my friends know how much they mean to me and how lucky I am to have them …

pea soup

Maybe you wonder what the pictures below have to do with pea soup… Well, pea soup made Finnish style is made from dried whole sweet peas, which first need to be soaked in water over night (in this case during a work day). Then, you add your onions and carrots and boil for about… two hours. Already after the first hour my apartment was like a steam room.

home alone

Some might think that I’m the most boring person on earth, but I have to admit that after an eventful and energy consuming week like last week I sometimes just enjoy spending Friday night home alone: Lighting some candles, opening a bottle of wine, cooking something delicious and taking a long bath.