Month: May 2012


On Wednesday I went for the first time in my life to a meditation class. I have meditated many times before at home, but a few days back I spotted an ad on a shop window and decided check it out. And after all this recent hassle and changes in my life  it was wonderful just to sit down in a quiet room and let someone talk my way through to relaxation and peace of mind. My mission for the next upcoming days is to try to be as fully present as possible and use all my senses to experience each moment fully. This is one of the biggest challenges I can imagine, since our minds get constantly distracted and if someone asks what did I have for lunch yesterday, I find it hard to remember; just because I wasn’t really there. So, let’s just take a moment and breath a little.


Last Sunday I saw two young artists painting an electricity cabinet in the afternoon sun. And now, whenever I walk by, this little library puts a smile on my face. Thank you Holly and Cathal for making this street corner just a little bit more interesting.

There is a new girl in town

And her name is Viona Blu; a new kind of player in the field of luxury bags and accessories and definitely worth watching. When Finnish designer Sirpa Kalliola introduced her creations for the first time to the public last Friday, the Classic Coffee at Tampella welcomed a curious crew who got a chance to enjoy ballet dancers presenting the collection while sipping on strawberry bubbles and macarons. Viona Blu is all about quality and craftsmanship, timeless elegance and funky colorful details. And when I know all the hard work Sirpa has put into her first collection, I cannot but say: Congratulations and All the success! Kuvat: Jari Nupponen Kuva: Anna ❤ You

in the eye of the storm

In the middle of my moving preparations I felt like I was spinning around and round and the number of things to arrange and the amount of stuff to pack was just multiplying and time was running out.And then I suddenly had a moment of relaxation, peacefulness and harmony. First I spent two beautiful hours with my Reiki teacher, who is an amazing, wonderful and wise woman and has had a great impact on my life during the past few years. Then I learned that one of my dear colleagues had booked a two hour spa session at Shambalah for me. You can’t imagine how wonderful it felt to have this time of meditation and pampering in the heart of a busy, stressful period. And to end the day perfectly, we enjoyed a home cooked dinner, a glass of bubbles and a movie with the girls. ❤


On an evening walk through Sablon to meet my friends for one last dinner (at least for a while) at Kokob many colorful details caught my eye: From blue sheep and balloons to chocolates in all the colors of the rainbow.

Cafe des Spores

Lately, many interesting places have opened on Chaussee d’Alsemberg, close to Albert metro station in particular. I had passed Cafe des Spores many times and my curiosity towards the place was growing each time. It’s industrial interior and cosy yet a bit trendy atmosphere seemed intriguing. The only thing I was a bit worried about was the concept of the menu: Mushrooms. The whole menu is composed around mushrooms and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical to cast mushrooms to play the lead. However, the evening turned out to be wonderful. Tasty food, delicious wine and good company. There were no starters or main courses but the idea was to order a few different dishes and to share them. The staff was friendly and there were many vegetarian options available. The mushrooms in truffle cream with a runny egg on top was to die for. The only minus was that the place turned out to be a bit more expensive than I had expected, but overall I’m happy that I finally went there after passing by …