Postcards from Brussels
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Cafe des Spores

Lately, many interesting places have opened on Chaussee d’Alsemberg, close to Albert metro station in particular. I had passed Cafe des Spores many times and my curiosity towards the place was growing each time.

It’s industrial interior and cosy yet a bit trendy atmosphere seemed intriguing. The only thing I was a bit worried about was the concept of the menu: Mushrooms. The whole menu is composed around mushrooms and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical to cast mushrooms to play the lead.

However, the evening turned out to be wonderful. Tasty food, delicious wine and good company. There were no starters or main courses but the idea was to order a few different dishes and to share them. The staff was friendly and there were many vegetarian options available. The mushrooms in truffle cream with a runny egg on top was to die for. The only minus was that the place turned out to be a bit more expensive than I had expected, but overall I’m happy that I finally went there after passing by some many times wondering what it was like.

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