Month: June 2012

weekly veggies

Since I moved to Dublin I’ve tried to find a place to buy organic vegetables and so far the best place has been the Temple Bar Food Market (live food), which takes place on Saturdays just next to the bigger Meeting House Square market. The market basically consists of one big stall, where both local produce and organically grown fruit & veg from other European countries can be purchased. Tip: Bring your own shopping bag!

nr 37

A big light bulb sign and colorful sofas behind what must be one of the most impressive windows in town attract passers-by to step into this club of bizarre beings at 37 Dawson Street. Cocktails and finger food are served under the eyes of lurking beasts and your fellow guests reflecting from the many mirrors that decorate the walls together with painted plates and old educational posters of human anatomy. If a unicorn would have walked through one of the tall rooms of this enchanting café, that would have seemed just… normal.


When I was flying back from Finland last Sunday, I had to change planes in Riga. The 10h wait in between seemed daunting until I realized that I could actually make the most of the day and visit Riga. I took the inter city bus 22 from the airport and passed through charming decayed neighborhoods, which me and my camera will definitely come back for. The Old City of Riga was beautiful, the sun was shining and the cobblestone streets were filled with musicians giving their best and tourists with their eyes aiming up at the gorgeous art nouveau buildings. I had lunch at a cute place called Garaza (the Garage) just around the corner from the Cathedral Square (Doma laukums) and for a while it felt like I was on a road trip; the food was good too and I enjoyed the rustic atmosphere of the place.


After work drinks at a new bar full of bizarre creatures and a walk home through the glow after the rain. Leather jacket: Gestuz, Black long sleeve: AB/SOUL, White top: Zara, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: Converse, Ring: Gabriella Farkas, Necklace: Seppälä

the coolest of cups

When I saw these little cups at the Designtorget store at Stockholm Arlanda airport, I just had to get a couple to take home with me. Dutch designer Rob Brandt has been making these crushed paper cup style ceramic cups since the mid 70’s and even if there are many imitations on the market, the original ones are still produced by Rob and his team in the Netherlands; and they are so delightfully affordable as well!