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for a good cause

There still remains a lot of work to be done in Japan after the March 2011 Earthquake. People continue to need reconstruction assistance, many people are still without a home and work, many people are affected by the nuclear catastrophe. I was asked to take part in a charity market organized by my friend Kaori. It must be fifteen years ago when I met Kaori, who was an exchange student in my hometown in Finland. She fell in love with Finnish design, and has since opened a store called Shop Yksi selling Finnish design items in Tokyo. This is the second edition of the Tohokuouen charity market, where small Finnish designers and other people with a good heart have sent their creations or vintage items and 100% of the earnings are donated to the Japanese Red Cross. I participated together with my mom, who had knitted a cute colorful hat with a matching scarf. All the success for this wonderful project!

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