Kitchen, Postcards from Dublin
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I’ve been missing those Saturday night dinners with my friends at our favorite Thai restaurant in Brussels. Exchanging news after the working week, laughs around the table, a glass of wine or two and that absolutely delicious food. But now, I found this to relieve the pain.  When you first step into KOH, you arrive at the darkly lit cocktail lounge that looks all hip and trendy with dark grey sofas and a long bar. And if it’s more than a Martini and a snack you’re after, you can walk past the wooden flowers screens and get a table at the a la carte restaurant at the back. At first glance there aren’t many vegetarian options on the menu, but the wonderful staff is ready to prepare almost any dish with tofu and serve it with brown rice; simply fantastic! Now, how could I gather all my friends around the table again…

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