Month: August 2012

the flower pot

For some reason it always seems that dust appears from nowhere just hours after a thorough cleaning. In order to improve the indoor air quality – which surprisingly can often be many times more polluted than the outdoor air in the city – I did a little research about suitable house plants to purify the air we breath. The first plant I chose was a Peace Lily, which has a great ability to remove air pollutants. As this plant enjoys a place in mid-light to shade, it moved into the bedroom. Secondly, I got a small Aloe Vera plant, which in addition to its numerous medicinal properties effectively removes formaldehyde and electromagnetic radiation from the air. The gorgeous rustic clay pots are from the most beautiful flower shop in Dublin: The Garden at Powerscourt.

branch it up!

I love to use natural objects in home decoration: branches, stones, feathers, cones, seashells, plants – You name it! Right now I have a bag full of beautiful white branches that were washed ashore in Bray. I’m considering my options and soaking up some inspiration. While natural branches add an organic element to your home and can be used in decoration just as they are, there are many ecological and creative ideas out there to transfer branches into beautiful, functional objects or even into a unique piece of furniture. Click on images for source.


In between touristic restaurants and souvenir shops, on one of the narrow streets that climb up from the main street in the old town of Dubrovnik, Lega-lega is waiting to be discovered. The brand has gained international attention with it’s award-winning packaging, which in all fairness is Brilliant! Funky T-shirts sold from what look like industrial fridges come in red and blue milk cartons. Against the other wall notebooks are arranged in a bookshelf made of old wooden crates. The brand is obviously proud of it’s Croatian origins and uses for example Dubrovnik’s motto Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro (Latin for “Liberty is not to be sold for all the gold) in it’s designs. The store is decorated with wood, flowers and vintage pieces from traditional grocery stores that together with the graphic colourful products form an interesting, fresh concept. I bet that the small designer team behind the brand definitely still has some aces up their sleeves, so I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this one. And, the good news is that you …