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As I mentioned earlier, this autumn will be all about re-discovering my existing wardrobe, secondhand shopping and DIY. I want to challenge myself to create up-to-date, personal looks without running around the shops like a mad woman. And if I really want to buy something, I will go and take a look at the local Irish designer stores. So, let’s begin with a trend that we can call “Heritage”.

From right: Burberry, Ruffian, Ralph Lauren. Pictures from Style.com

One trend on the fall/winter cat walks was heritage: Tweed and wool creations that take our mind on horse back straight to the British countryside. Without forgetting fur, leather and the colour Burgundy.

The burgundy knit is Dolce&Gabbana and I bought it second hand about 8 years ago. The Laura Ashley skirt is a recent acquisition from one of the charity shops here in Dublin and it cost me 5€. the squirrel fur was 95€ at A Store is Born (One of the most amazing vintage stores in town), my favourite leather belt is from a vintage store in Brussels for 8€, the Dries Van Noten shoes are also second hand and I got them a couple of years ago from Les Enfants d’Edouard in Brussels (Also worth visiting!) and in my hand is the good old leather bag from Finland, it was 170€ and I’ve had it for a good ten years now.


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