Postcards from Dubrovnik, Wardrobe
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the red dress with a story

On our last night in Croatia we were walking through the old town of Dubrovnik and ended up in a narrow street full of life and small shops. We stepped into an old orthodox church and on the way out I saw a small boutique across the street. At the open door way was a mannequin wearing the perfect dress. Now, I’ve been looking for a dress for an October wedding and even if we were broke (It was the last day of the holiday) I had to try it on. And it fit like a glove. But I had to leave it there as I didn’t have enough money with me to get it and we were flying home the next day. All I got was a picture.

Back home in Ireland I couldn’t stop thinking about the red dress. So we tried to remember the name of that small street, the church, the shop and finally found out a little bit more about the small Croatian designer brand called Nebo.  Then we found an email address and finally a phone number. And now, one month and a few emails later, I got my dress! In addition to the fact that the dress is absolutely gorgeous, I was happy to get it from Nebo, whose high quality clothes are made locally in Croatia. The clothes are elegant and stylish yet playful and edgy.

Finally, so that you can find out more about Nebo -The easy way- visit their Facebook page or the cutest Website.

P.S.  They have a stunning handbags line as well.

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