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It seems like new cafés are popping up lately like mushrooms in the autumn rain. Well, all the more options when thinking about Sunday brunch! I happened to pass Wuff on 23 Benburb Street, Dublin 7 one day and kept it safe in my mind until Sunday morning.

It was around noon when we walked in. The streets outside were quiet with the exception of the occasional tram chugging by, but inside Wuff it was warm and crowded. We were lucky to get a table for two even if the place was packed and the few unoccupied tables seemed to carry a Reserved sign (Reservation would definitely be an idea worth considering).

The lick your chops – menu is quite straight forward, fairly priced and it was difficult to decide between the many options. Finally we went for the vegetarian salad and truffle flavoured eggs with Gruyere cheese and toast. To drink I had Everlasting Life (how cool was that to order??). 

When sipping my tea surrounded by stylish photographs, busy waiters, tinkle and murmur I almost felt like being back in one of the busy Brussels’ Bistros. Except for the staff at Wuff were friendly.

We would have loved to stay for a home-baked scone to satisfy our sugar cravings, but unfortunately they were all out of these treats. Well, another time then.

As we were leaving we noticed that there were people queuing at the door. This Wuff has really marked it’s territory.

P.S. I’m not sure if dogs are allowed in?

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