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DIY silk vest

I found this white silk blouse in a thrift store in Finland last year and never wore it as the design of it was a bit too 90’s for my taste. So this weekend I finally got my act together and altered it into a vest with stud details.

This was my starting point:

First I cut of the sleeves and the upper collar, leaving a few millimeters to create ragged edges . I also cut the front part shorter from the hem for an asymmetrical look. The only part that required some sewing was the neckline: I pinned the shape of the desired neckline and after cutting out the extra fabric I stitched both sides of the new neckline.

Finally I hand stitched the sew-on studs (that seem to be everywhere this year!) on the shoulders and on the collar. Another option would’ve been to glue the studs on the fabric.


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