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skull ring

I’ve let this whole skull trend pass me by and watched from the sidelines as these shapes and patterns have moved from teenagers’ T-shirts to hipsters’ accessories and finally made their way into the textiles worn by middle aged career women. And I had no particular interest to take part in any of that, not until I set my eyes on Janice Louise Byrne’s silver jewellery at Project 51. 

The ring on display was too big for me, but the friendly staff at Project 51 organized to order a smaller one in for me. And in just two working days I had a brand new ring on my finger, made to measure.

Since JLB Jewellery, Dublin based Goldsmith & Jewellery Designer, is the designer of the month at Project 51, there are special offers and discounts available at the moment. The designer offers a wide range of exclusive handmade jewellery inspired by natural shapes as well as unique engagement and wedding rings. And if you still don’t find what you’re looking for,  why not design your own piece as she works on commission as well!

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