Month: October 2012

oh my, oh my

It’s been a long time since I was at a wedding and I’d almost forgotten that at the end of the day -me too- I’m just a girl. With a girl’s problems like: Omg this dress makes me look fat and this homemade hat creation looks like a disaster. Well, anyway… I know it’ll be just fine and there really are other things to occupy my mind with than colour-matches and slimming underwear, but I just had to let it out! 


I remember a friend of mine once told me that she baked a blueberry pie to take to a housewarming party. And when she was walking through town with the warm blueberry pie wrapped inside a kitchen towel in her hands, all the men who passed her by were smiling as in love. She wasn’t sure if it was the scent of the warm cake she was carrying or if she just happened to look ravishing that day, but she felt as every passer-by fell under her spell. Funny enough, I got similar admiring looks here at home when I was baking these bread roll baps. Is it true that the way to a man’s heart goes through the stomach? Easy bread baps recipe: 3 dl water, 7dl white flour (you can also use a mix of white wheat flour, porridge oats, linseed etc.), 1 table spoon of honey or sugar, 1 tea spoon of salt, 50 g of fresh yeast,  2 table spoons of vegetable oil or melted butter. Break the yeast in lukewarm water. Mix the …

perfect speed

“You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn’t flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn’t have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being there.” ― Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

feather light

This cashmere cardigan will be the perfect match for my red dress and I can’t wait to wear it at an Irish wedding this weekend. And when your boyfriend is the best man and you’ll be meeting most of the friends and family for the first time, you kind of want to look good and feel comfortable in your clothes.  So this little cardigan by Sian Jacobs is just what I need. It’s light as a feather, warm as a ray of sun and beautiful as a winter morning sky.

copines pour la vie

I value objects that remind me of someone special: a friend, a family member or someone who I met just briefly. It could even be the person who sold or gave me the item, a person who made an impression. A friend who I remember when I’m looking for my keys in the morning or when I hear a jingle from my pocket on the street.

DIY silk vest

I found this white silk blouse in a thrift store in Finland last year and never wore it as the design of it was a bit too 90’s for my taste. So this weekend I finally got my act together and altered it into a vest with stud details. This was my starting point: First I cut of the sleeves and the upper collar, leaving a few millimeters to create ragged edges . I also cut the front part shorter from the hem for an asymmetrical look. The only part that required some sewing was the neckline: I pinned the shape of the desired neckline and after cutting out the extra fabric I stitched both sides of the new neckline. Finally I hand stitched the sew-on studs (that seem to be everywhere this year!) on the shoulders and on the collar. Another option would’ve been to glue the studs on the fabric.  

at the office?

Today I realized that our kitchen table looks like this. When the table is covered in papers, computers and other everyday stuff, it’s not easy to have a proper breakfast or enjoy a long Sunday night dinner. In a small apartment it seems convenient to use the kitchen table for working, but maybe the time has come to start thinking about a small work space. I’m confident that with a little rearranging and some second hand shopping, one of the corners in the living room can be turned into a small and functional office. So, I started by looking for some ideas… Click for source Click for source Click for source Click for source

french girl

I was introduced to Nina Franco‘s work at the Arts Market on Exchange St. Upper in Temple Bar one Saturday a few weeks back and I ended up buying one of her prints titled “French Girl”. The Brazilian artist describes herself as photographer, feminist and anarchist. I’ll make sure to go and  visit her latest exhibition “Leave Me Shout” which is opening tonight at the Avenue Road Gallery (Dublin 8).French Girl – on our bedroom wall