Month: October 2012


On Thursday we stopped by at Project 51 for the launch of Corium Collection, a jewellery collaboration between Czech born Filip Vanas and Dubliner Yvonne Beale. Filip’s architectural vision and know-how in silver meets Yvonne’s expertise in modern leather crochet in Corium’s elegant statement jewellery.  From necklaces and earrings to cufflinks and rings, the collection offers designs for both women and men. The collection was presented on beautiful leather hides. If you missed the opening: Don’t worry, the pieces will be on display throughout the weekend and after that the collection is on sale at Project 51. For more information, visit and for more Irish design, stop by at Project 51. Last picture is from here.

winter food

I don’t know about you, but I feel that when the season changes and the days get colder I need warmer, heavier food. Cabbage casserole is perfect for this season and I was lucky to have some Finnish lingonberries to go with it. For 4-6 people: 1,5dl brown rice, 4dl of water, 1/2 tea spoons of salt. 1 big onion, 1kg cabbage, 3dl of dark soy mince, black pepper, 1/2 tea spoons of marjoram, 1 table spoon of butter/oil, 1 table spoon rice syrup, 4dl vegetarian broth. Boil the rice with some salt until the water is absorbed in it. Let the soy mince puff up in some water and spice it according to your taste. Peel and chop the onion, cut the cabbage in small pieces. Fry the onion and soy mince, spice with pepper, marjoram and salt, put aside to a plate. Heat some oil or butter in a deep pan and add the cabbage. Let it cook until the cabbage becomes soft, season with the syrup. Mix the rice, soy and the …

jewellery hanger

I’m still trying to decide what to do with the branches I found on the beach, but I already found a place for one of them. I don’t have a big jewellery box where I could keep my necklaces neatly organized and it only took a very simple idea, one small piece of wood, some paper thread and about 3min of time to make this jewellery hanger. Now it’s easy to pick a necklace when leaving for work in the morning.

a vasefull of cabbage

I entered the flower shop with a red autumn bouquet in mind and walked out with some cabbage. Ornamental cabbages love the cool weather and when the late autumn frost bites them, their center leaves begin to change color resulting in this beautiful shade of purple.

paper gift box

I love all kind of creative, upcycled gift wrapping and handmade postcards. The possibilities to use old magazines, newspapers, cardboard, ribbons, buttons, packaging material and any other “waste” are endless, but why not start with a simple paper gift box. All you need is a few pages of a glossy magazine or any other paper, some ribbon (I used those small ribbons you always need to cut out from the shoulders of  t-shirts and tops), scissors and glue. So, still plenty of time for Christmas… I found the instructions here and just folded a small ribbon through the top part.