Month: November 2012

dragon diffusion

I wanted to write a bit more about that leather tote and the designer but it seemed impossible to find any information in the internet. I managed to get a hold of the designer behind the brand, and he was happy to tell me more about Dragon Diffusion. Craig, who is specialized in woven leather, mainly designs for other brands and therefore doesn’t do much promotion on his own collection, which is done in his small studio in Brussels. He says that every bag he makes has a story , some life , a raison d’etre . My tote is one of the brand’s signature models and named Capra, after the Nigerian goat skin which was the first material used for this design. Craig explained that making of this bag is actually a complicated process as the challenge is to to keep the design simple & minimalist with complicated features. The raw edge and no inside lining looks simple but is hard to achieve . All this makes me love my bag even more! The last three pictures are …

November’s Nr 1 breakfast

While I am loving my new life here on this rainy island, there are some things I do miss from the continent. One is without a doubt lazy weekend breakfasts at Le Pain Quotidien. So one of the highlights of our quick November getaway in Brussels was this all bio all delicious breakfast on good old Avenue Louise. Oh how I wish this really could be my daily bread, or weekly bread at least.

leather tote

I’ve been looking for a simple leather tote for over a year now. I wanted one that was made of good quality, was not from a big high street brand and was reasonably priced as well. And of course would look good. So, a couple of weeks back I found it in Brussels at the local designer sale. The leather of the bag is beautiful and the hand woven handles add just the right touch of personality to it. Leather tote from Dragon Diffusion

the new golf?

Fifteen years ago knitted sock, mittens and sweaters were typical Christmas presents from grandmothers. Today knitting seems to be a cool hobby for anyone of any age, or gender. You start with a simple scarf, work your way up to hats and socks, and soon you’re mastering the art of sweater-making. Then you become a knit activist and start decorating statues and traffic signs in the dark night hours with other knitwits. And finally you find your idea of a luxury holiday to be a knitting break in the countryside. How did this happen? In her article in the Irish Times Magazine Róisin Ingle writes about hotels in the US offering knitting workshops of growing popularity – also among men! Some of the reasons why I love to knit is that it’s a very practical way to channel my creative energy. It offers a chance to DO something instead of just buying or consuming. It offers moments of success and teaches patience. It requires time, which in the middle of a busy working week is …


Ten years ago many of my friends smoked and so did I, occasionally.  But when we started pushing thirty, one by one we stubbed out our last cigarettes. And now it’s just the rare few who still blow out smoke.

vintage kimono

The purple vintage kimono I spotted at the vintage fair found it’s place in our stairway. It brings the perfect splash of colour to the unusually shaped small space and has enough room around it to bring out its true beauty. When I bought the kimono I was a bit worried about where I could find a suitable natural branch on a late Sunday afternoon, because as a rather inpatient person I of course wanted to hang it on the wall immediately. Luckily I found just the branch I needed by the beach just outside the venue.  Et voilà! I’ve always been attracted to the aesthetics of Japanese clothing, interior design, teapots and other every day objects. I love the simple straight-line cut elegance of the silk Kimonos and the hand painted and embroidered details in this one really made an impression on me.