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the new golf?

Fifteen years ago knitted sock, mittens and sweaters were typical Christmas presents from grandmothers. Today knitting seems to be a cool hobby for anyone of any age, or gender. You start with a simple scarf, work your way up to hats and socks, and soon you’re mastering the art of sweater-making. Then you become a knit activist and start decorating statues and traffic signs in the dark night hours with other knitwits. And finally you find your idea of a luxury holiday to be a knitting break in the countryside. How did this happen? In her article in the Irish Times Magazine Róisin Ingle writes about hotels in the US offering knitting workshops of growing popularity – also among men!

Some of the reasons why I love to knit is that it’s a very practical way to channel my creative energy. It offers a chance to DO something instead of just buying or consuming. It offers moments of success and teaches patience. It requires time, which in the middle of a busy working week is a luxury. It lets me to work with different inspiring colours and materials. It lets me create personal gifts that make the recipient happy. It’s a great activity alone or with a friend; knitting and exchanging news over a cup of tea really makes the world a better place. Knitting also connects me to traditions, it is a skill that was about to disappear before everyone suddenly got needles in their hands. To me, knitting is a true luxury, something that I can create which will be unique and made with love.

To find a Stitch’m Bitch knitting group close to you, please visit and if there is no group in your home city, why not start one now?

Happy knitting!


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