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Sunday in Paris

Sorry for the silence. Since I came back from Paris the days have been flying by. But now I have a moment to start going through the pictures from the city of light. Let’s start with this outfit from last Sunday. The weather in Paris was brisk and cloudy, perfect to take my new leather pants out for a walk. I had actually been looking for a good pair of leather trousers for months, but couldn’t find them anywhere in Dublin or in any of the online stores I desperately browsed through. And while I wanted a beautiful pair in soft lamb skin, I didn’t want to break the bank either. And finally one day on my way home I found that the perfect pair was waiting for me in one of the thrift stores on Caple Street. I had them altered at Fitz and altogether spent less than 50€ for a perfect, tailored pair. Happy happy!

paris 1

paris 2

paris 3

I got a new favourite jacket from Helmut Lang at the sales at Printemps and I love it!

paris 5

paris 6

When in Paris, we were challenging ourselves by deciding not to use any public transport and walk everywhere instead. So comfortable shoes were key.

paris 4

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