Postcards from Dublin
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the elephant

As winter still holds Dublin in its grasp, there is no better time than this to find a warm cosy café and have a nice cup of tea or a hot chocolate. Foam on 24 Strand Street Great, just off Jervis Street and the Italian Quarter is worth seeing as its crazy interior is guaranteed to shake that gray-day-grumpiness off anyone! Spread over two floors the café offers an impressive menu including pizzas, salads, tapas, omelettes, pastas and soups to choose from; not to forget the many delicious cakes that attract passers-by at the window.  My white tea was served in a beautiful elephant tea pot and I think if an elephant would actually stand in the middle of the room, no one would give it a second look as it would blend in the lovely chaos so perfectly.

foam 1

foam 3

foam 2

foam 4

foam 5

foam 9

foam 6

foam 7

foam 10

foam 8

foam 11

foam 13


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