Month: September 2013

tips for sunday

Tomorrow will be all about hunting for vintage treasures and discovering new designers! The Second Life Festival at Hotel Berger. Hotel Berger at nr 24 Rue Du Berger is opening it’s door to vintage lovers. From 3pm – 9pm the beautiful rooms turn into vintage shops, where you can find jewellery, accessories, old records and home decoration items. Le marché des créateurs at La Tricoterie at nr 158 Rue Théodore Verhaegen. Almost 30 designers will be presenting their work at the stylish industrial setting promising to offer “something for every taste”, doors are open from 10am – 4pm and why not have a brunch and visit the bio market while you’re there. Rencontre des créateurs contemporaires is a quality market in open air at Wolubilis. More than 40 designers from Belgium and abroad. Open Sat 2pm – 7pm & Sun 11:30am – 7pm. Not to forget the usual second hand market at Place Jeu de Balle and the numerous vintage stores on Rue Blaes and Rue Haut. Some of my favourite vintage pieces at the moment: I bought the …

lunch at gaudron

Gaudron on Place Brugmann is a great lunch spot: Plenty of choice for food, good coffee, a big terrace and a book shop right next door. A perfect opportunity to buy an inspiring magazine and sit down to enjoy the afternoon. Just make sure to reserve plenty of time as the service is usually on the slow side.

sunday without cars in pictures

When we opened the door at 9:30am last Sunday and stepped out into the street the silence hit us like a giant wave. It was like the big machine of the city had stopped turning; that constant familiar humming was gone. A thick fog had wrapped itself around the buildings in the distance and just a few early risers were wandering the streets. For a moment it looked like it could’ve been the zombie apocalypse, but as the rest of the city woke up and the street started to fill with bikes, carefree steps, music, laughter and the smell of barbecue; It was obvious that the yearly car-free Sunday had arrived. That’s me riding away on my Villo! We were lucky as there were always bikes when we needed them. We had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien at Sablon And then walked up to the Parc Royal, where a Slow Food festival and a Bio Market was taking place. The countryside had really arrived to the city. We discovered Cerisette, a new alcohol-free drink made …

zero stress group

Yesterday I sat in the audience when world acclaimed psychotherapists and neuroscientists were talking about love. And it reminded me of the importance of loving myself, to listen to myself and to just be. Therefore, It can’t be a good sign when you wake up thinking about your to-do-list for the day before the sun has even come up yet. Sometimes a little stress and pressure can be the thriving force that pushes you towards great achievements, but when it stays around, makes itself at home on your couch and keeps waking you up at night, it might be time to do something – why not join the zero stress group ? So today I push every thought about work away from my mind before I arrive at the office, I’ll focus on the task at hand and I prioritize and if by the end of the day some things on the mental to-do-list are left over I won’t beat myself up over it. I’ll also take my lunch hour instead of stuffing a sandwich …

skin focus

A few people have asked me how I take care of my skin and I thought that today would be the perfect day to share my skin rituals and beauty tips. I believe that the key to the perfect skin cannot not be found only in expensive creams and lotions but most importantly in the way we eat, sleep and love our body. I prefer natural cosmetics and often my beauty shopping is done at the bio shop. I have a few favourite skin care products including: – Washing: Korres white tea fluid gel cleanser. – Eyes: Clarins Eye revive beauty flash for day and Clarins Eye contour balm for night. – Moisturising: Both my day and night creams are from Lift Argan bio cosmetic line. I try to treat myself to a little facial treatment at home once a week. A quick tip for a scrub: mix half a teaspoon of organic coffee, half a teaspoon of organic brown sugar and a bit of moisturizer.  For deep cleansing I use green clay and to revitalize …

the winter wardrobe

Lately I’ve been browsing through magazines and blogs, done a lot of window shopping and people watching for inspiration as I’m trying to imagine the perfect winter wardrobe. It’s time to dig out all the cashmere sweaters and woolen coats from the back of the closet, sort items for dry cleaning and start making sketches of new items to sew. Welcome the cold days in style!

car-free sunday 22.09.

Get ready for a day out town tomorrow as Brussels will turn into a car-free zone for the day! The city will be filled with interesting events, so take a look HERE for more information and put on your good walking shoes or make sure your bike is ready to go. As a Villo! user myself, I’m expecting some serious competition at the bike stations tomorrow, so better get up early.