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at La Petite Nina’s

She is a friend, a fellow Scandinavian, a dancer and a talented clothes designer. Marina works from home and as soon as you walk in the door it’s obvious that you’ve entered the house of a designer; creativity, ideas and stories just seems to have made themselves at home – just like her favorite vintage pieces that have traveled a long way from the family home in Sweden.

marina 14marina 25The beautiful leather rocking chair is one of the vintage pieces Marina has brought from Sweden.

marina 24

marina 15Marina’s partner is a graphic designer and musician and while Marina’s collection has taken center stage in the house, music plays an equally important part in their lives.marina 16

marina 22

marina 17

marina 12

marina 7

marina 10The work space is well organised; Scandinavian design and functionality at it’s best.

marina 13

marina 2The collection of La Petite Nina is made from start to finish here in Marina’s studio.

marina 4The woman behind the clothes: Marina has lived in Brussels for 10 years and the collection is a combination of influences from her homeland Sweden and from the bohemian-chic street style of Brussels.

marina 3

marina 1

marina 21

marina 11

marina 20

marina 18The kitchen and dining area has a beautiful view to the private garden.

marina 19The wooden cupboard is made by Marina’s grandfather and therefore priceless.

marina 5

marina 6

marina 8

marina 23The little vintage cabinet serves as a work station for those days that the designer needs to spend behind the computer.

marina 9Thanks for the visit Marina, always a pleasure. And you dear reader can visit her Etsy Store HERE.

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