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design september: One & Only

Today a small exhibition and pop-up store opened its doors in one of the meetings rooms of Hotel Bloom. Once you enter the world of One & Only, the atelier feel is instant. Traditional craftsmanship, high quality materials, amazing attention to detail and contemporary style bring six talented designers together for Design September in Brussels. One & Only is definitely worth a visit if you’re interested to see the techniques behind the exclusive handmade items or if you’re in the mood for shopping something really special. Below you can find a link to the home page of each designer and you can find more information about the One & Only Exhibition / Shop HERE. There is an after work cocktail tomorrow (Friday), so no better time to visit than then! And if you have a good excuse to miss this tomorrow, the designers will keep the shop open until the 15th.

design september 1

one & onlyOne & Only

design september 9

design september 23heavenly silk scarves from Marine Delmoitiez

design september 16

design september 17Géraldine Peumery

Mashut bags

design september 20

design september 21All Mashüt bags are one of a kind and made from fabrics handwoven by the designer Olivia Clément

design september 18

design september 19

design september 8

design september 14Quentin Carnaille: Truly unique pieces of artwork and watches.

design september 15

design september 7

design september 13Speaking of statement jewelry… Manon Devos

design september 10

design september 12

design september 11

design september 3

design september 4Handcrafter leather items from Aurelie Chadaine

aurelie chadaine

design september 6

design september 5I fell in love with this leather bag!

design september 2

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