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A few people have asked me how I take care of my skin and I thought that today would be the perfect day to share my skin rituals and beauty tips. I believe that the key to the perfect skin cannot not be found only in expensive creams and lotions but most importantly in the way we eat, sleep and love our body. I prefer natural cosmetics and often my beauty shopping is done at the bio shop. I have a few favourite skin care products including:

– Washing: Korres white tea fluid gel cleanser.

– Eyes: Clarins Eye revive beauty flash for day and Clarins Eye contour balm for night.

– Moisturising: Both my day and night creams are from Lift Argan bio cosmetic line.

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I try to treat myself to a little facial treatment at home once a week. A quick tip for a scrub: mix half a teaspoon of organic coffee, half a teaspoon of organic brown sugar and a bit of moisturizer.  For deep cleansing I use green clay and to revitalize my skin I love the Sublime smoothing mask from Lift Argan.

skin care 7But more than anything else, I believe in the power of water. Hydration is extremely important and I try to drink at least 2 liters of water each day.

skin care 6Of course a balanced diet should be the foundation of any beauty regime.

skin care 4Greens: broccoli, cucumber, salad & care 5Green tea, I can’t go a day without.

skin care 3Seeds and nuts. I believe that chia seeds are as close as it gets to a key to eternal life  😉

skin care 10

skin care 8So these are my skin care foundations. I’m far from a doctor or a beauty professional, but I base my skin care in love and respect for my body and the environment. I prefer to avoid chemical cosmetics and choose an organic alternative whenever possible. I rarely compromise on my need for a good 8 hour sleep. If you would ask me what is the worst enemy of healthy skin, I would say stress & cigarettes!

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