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zero stress group

Yesterday I sat in the audience when world acclaimed psychotherapists and neuroscientists were talking about love. And it reminded me of the importance of loving myself, to listen to myself and to just be. Therefore, It can’t be a good sign when you wake up thinking about your to-do-list for the day before the sun has even come up yet. Sometimes a little stress and pressure can be the thriving force that pushes you towards great achievements, but when it stays around, makes itself at home on your couch and keeps waking you up at night, it might be time to do something – why not join the zero stress group ? So today I push every thought about work away from my mind before I arrive at the office, I’ll focus on the task at hand and I prioritize and if by the end of the day some things on the mental to-do-list are left over I won’t beat myself up over it. I’ll also take my lunch hour instead of stuffing a sandwich to my face while trying to keep typing with the other hand. I’m sure I can be a member of the zero stress group and get my work done anyway. And once the working day is over, I’ll have a nice meal and just chill. Zero stress day here I come!

zero stress group

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