Postcards from Brussels
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sunday without cars in pictures

When we opened the door at 9:30am last Sunday and stepped out into the street the silence hit us like a giant wave. It was like the big machine of the city had stopped turning; that constant familiar humming was gone. A thick fog had wrapped itself around the buildings in the distance and just a few early risers were wandering the streets. For a moment it looked like it could’ve been the zombie apocalypse, but as the rest of the city woke up and the street started to fill with bikes, carefree steps, music, laughter and the smell of barbecue; It was obvious that the yearly car-free Sunday had arrived.

car free 15

car free 14

car free 13That’s me riding away on my Villo! We were lucky as there were always bikes when we needed them.

car free 5

car free 6

car free 11

car free 9

car free 7

car free 8

car free 12

car free 4We had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien at Sablon

car free 3

car free 2And then walked up to the Parc Royal, where a Slow Food festival and a Bio Market was taking place.

car free 1

car free 16The countryside had really arrived to the city.

car free 27

car free 21

car free 22

car free 26

car free 23

car free 24

car free 25

car free 18

car free 17

car free 28

car free 19We discovered Cerisette, a new alcohol-free drink made from malt; a perfect non-alcoholic alternative for Kriek

car free 20

car free 29

car free 32

car free 31Meet the people who produce your food – how cool is that?

car free 34

car free 30There was a wonderful picnic atmosphere all around the city.

car free 33

car free 35A quick stop at Bozar where some of the works from Jean Francois D’Or – Belgian designer of the year 2013 – were presented among other interesting object from other contemporary designers.

car free 37There were plenty of activities going on in the various communes of Brussels. Back in Saint Gilles we found ourselves in the middle of a game of bike polo.

car free 38

car free 40

car free 39This was without a doubt the most awesome bike I saw!

car free36We were tired but happy after all the walking and biking, so the rest of the evening was just for relaxing.

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