Postcards from Brussels, Wardrobe
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Bonnie & Jane

I recently discovered a wonderful little shopping district just off Place Brugmann, where Rue Darwin meets Rue Franz Merjay. There are some interesting antique and vintage shops as well as clothes stores selling collections of designers you might have difficulties finding anywhere else in Brussels. Then there are also beautiful stores such as Cachemire Coton Soie and Moon (the latter selling luxurious bath and bedroom textiles). Last Saturday me and my friend stopped by at Bonnie & Jane to take a look at the stunning interior and interesting selection of collections mixing the Parisian moods and Nordic landscapes with brands like Mesdemoiselles Paris, Blacklily and inouïtoosh. As I was taking a weekend off from carrying my camera, my friend An was there with her iPhone to save the day. This little store might be a bit off the main shopping districts of Brussels, but it’s definitely worth the journey.


1385529_10153316809010720_2111241029_nThis statement ring that is now decorating my friend’s finger is from a Swedish designer JohannaN.





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