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Brussels Fashion Days part 1

First set of pics from the Friday Elle Fashion Show at Brussels Fashion Days. It was all about flowing hems, transparency, neon colours, tartan and rock chic.

Marjorie Vermeulen

bfd marjorie vermeulen 1

bfd marjorie vermeulen 2

bfd marjorie vermeulen 3

bfd marjorie vermeulen 4

bfd marjorie vermeulen 6

bfd marjorie vermeulen 5

Calogero . Di Natale

bfd calogero di natale 1

bfd calogero di natale 2

bfd calogero di natale 3

bfd calogero di natale 4

bfd calogero di natale 5

bfd calogero di natale 6

Filles a papa

bfd filles a papa 0

bfd filles a papa 1

bfd filles a papa 2

bfd filles a papa 3

bfd filles a papa 4

bfd filles a papa 5

bfd filles a papa 6

bfd filles a papa 7

bfd filles a papa 8

Marc Philippe Coudeyre

bfd marc philippe coudeyre 1

bfd marc philippe coudeyre 2

bfd marc philippe coudeyre 3

bfd marc philippe coudeyre 4



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