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Cupcakes @ Berko

On our way to a photo exhibition last Saturday we walked through Marais and just couldn’t resist the cupcakes at Berko on Rue Rambuteau. The choice was a difficult one as the rows of cupcakes in all colours of the rainbow seemed to continue as far as the eye could see, but I went for the Violette flavor, which was without exaggeration the best cupcake I ever tasted. Sitting down at the small terrace in front of the shop we even got some rays of early winter sun. Back home, when I was looking at Berko’s website, I was happy to notice that the company also has a shop in Brussels – I wouldn’t say no to another one of these!

Berko 1

Berko 2

Berko 3

Berko 4

Berko 5That was a seriously good cupcake. 10 minutes and 2,20€ well spent.

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