Postcards from Portugal
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tiles of Lisbon

Lately I’ve been inspired by different kind of patterns and I remembered these pictures I took earlier this year at the Chiado district of Lisbon. I could easily see these beautiful patterns transferred into home textiles and clothing.

UPDATE: My dear friend Maria from Portugal just commented on this saying that a couple of Portuguese designers have joined their forces and launched a collection called TILED, take a look HERE.

lisbon tiles 13

lisbon tiles 6

lisbon tiles 1

lisbon tiles 9

lisbon tiles 8

lisbon tiles 3

lisbon tiles 4

lisbon tiles 10

lisbon tiles 2

lisbon tiles 7

lisbon tiles 5

lisbon tiles 11

lisbon tiles 12

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  1. Maria says

    I know, there’s so much potential in using these patterns.
    A couple of Portuguese designers recently came up with the same idea and they have been developing a brand (TILED) and a few products.
    Have a look at

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