Postcards from Brussels
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Welcome to Brussels, Korres!

Last Thursday I joined the opening celebrations of the Brussels Flag Ship store for the Greek natural cosmetics brand Korres. The story of the brand, whose innovative and stylish packaging has won design awards and whose product range now offers make-up, skin care, hair products and fragrances, started when George Korres joined his pharmacological expertise with the homeopathic tradition of Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy, The Tzivanides, to introduce a natural skin care line. I remember how I first got to know this brand, when I found a small selection of the it’s products in a pharmacy in Cyprus about 5-6 years ago. I had read about Korres before, but the products were difficult to come by back then in Finland. Over the years I have discovered a few pharmacies and retailers stocking my favourite face wash and shower gel wherever I lived, but now I’m happy that I can just walk into this amazing store and experience the world of Korres to the full.

korres 7

korres 9

korres 10The store is located on one of the little charming side streets of the Grand Sablon, 29, rue de Rollebeek.

korres 1With Christmas in mind, Korres offers plenty of ideas for a beautiful, personal gift.

korres 2My absolute “can’t live without”: The White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

korres 3

korres 6

korres 5

korres 4

korres 11The herbs and plants used to decorate the store create a warm atmosphere and let the customer imagine the natural origins and the expertise behind the product.

korres 12

korres 17

korres 19Some of the rustic features of the old building were left visible, which further added to the aesthetics of the store.

korres 21

korres 16

korres 20

korres 15Korres also has an extensive line of make-up products, which I’m not at all familiar with yet, but the full reds and bright pinks are candy for the eye.

korres 13

korres 14

korres 8What can I say, I ❤ Korres Brussels

korres 18So thank you for the absolutely beautiful evening, Korres team! I walked home with two bags of purchases and a gift, more on that later…


  1. caro peeters says

    Can you let me know where to find this store in Brussels? I do not seem to find it in your article. I am a great fan as well.

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