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wild rose beauty

After the Korres Brussels store opening I was eager to test the Wild Rose skin care products, which I received as a gift at the opening.

korres e

korres g

korres c

As the weather is getting colder and the winter winds are blowing, it’s important to make sure that my skin is well moisturized and nourished. My skin tends to get more dry in the winter months and I usually look for a more rich face cream for this period. The Wild Rose 24-h moisturising cream feels wonderful on the skin, it absorbs easily and keeps the skin feeling soft and radiant for the whole day. I’m looking forward to see the long-term effect as already after two days my skin feels ready to battle the winter cold 🙂

korres i

korres d

korres f

korres a

The Wild Rose and Vitamin-C dark spot correcting treatment promises to prevent and remove all types of dark spots. Even if I don’t often suffer from dark spots, I’m going to use this treatment on the T-zone to make sure they stay away.

korres b

The Wild Rose eye cream promises to moisturise and smoothen the delicate eye area and reduce those dark circles. Already after the first use I can tell that the cream feels very comfortable on my pretty demanding sensitive skin, it has a lovely subtle fragrance and it doesn’t leave the skin greasy. The fact that the cream has SPF 15 is a bonus!

korres h

Well, as it’s not just about dancing on roses, I have to mention that Korres also has a good selection of products for men and we purchased a moisturiser for him as well.korres k

And I finally got a good conditioner to keep my hair from matting in the hard Brussels water.korres l


    • Thank you Lia 🙂 I’m really happy that these products are not playing so hard to get anymore now that we have a beautiful store in Brussels!

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