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forget the winter blues

How to stay awake in November, that’s the question. Well here are a few simple tips to get you through the darkest month of the year.

november 4Light some candles: no better time than this to enjoy the calming soft light.november 3Read books: wrap yourself in a comfy blanket and get carried away by a story.

november 2Snuggle.

november 7Eat a lot of fruit and veggies.

november 5And sometimes treat yourself a little.

november 6Get creative: the internet is full of crafty ideas for xmas decoration or presents and now is the time to make them!

yogaExercise: I know, it’s a drag in the morning but makes the whole day!

november 1Tea: try adding some ginger, mint, cinnamon or star anise to your favourite tea.november 8And finally: Find some great people to share all or some of this with!

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