Month: November 2013

Welcome to Brussels, Korres!

Last Thursday I joined the opening celebrations of the Brussels Flag Ship store for the Greek natural cosmetics brand Korres. The story of the brand, whose innovative and stylish packaging has won design awards and whose product range now offers make-up, skin care, hair products and fragrances, started when George Korres joined his pharmacological expertise with the homeopathic tradition of Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy, The Tzivanides, to introduce a natural skin care line. I remember how I first got to know this brand, when I found a small selection of the it’s products in a pharmacy in Cyprus about 5-6 years ago. I had read about Korres before, but the products were difficult to come by back then in Finland. Over the years I have discovered a few pharmacies and retailers stocking my favourite face wash and shower gel wherever I lived, but now I’m happy that I can just walk into this amazing store and experience the world of Korres to the full. The store is located on one of the little charming side streets …


Yep, I’m still going on about tiles… I’d been looking for some coasters for a while now, but so far the perfect ones hadn’t appeared; Until we were walking along Rue de Birague in the 4th arrondissement of Paris and I saw an old wine box full of colourful tiles in front of a small shop called Asiatissimo. Above the box was a sign “Mexican tiles 2e / piece”. Inside the store was full of gorgeous Asian furniture and home decoration objects, too heavy to  carry home this time. But there were also more of these beautiful tiles and 9 of them came home with me. Then it was just a matter of sticking those felt stickers used for furniture under each coaster. Perhaps later I will paint the sides for a more clean look, but for the moment I’m very happy with their rustic appearance.

des jardins d’espoir

I know it’s Movember, but while we’re admiring the impressive moustaches on the streets, at our offices or at home, I wanted to share something else equally important. Somehow this year the Pink Ribbon campaign seemed to pass by almost unnoticed. I even tried to google it a couple of months ago to find out if anything was going on, but it seems that this valuable campaign is much more scattered than it’s male equivalent; The events seem to be taking place at a more national level and vary significantly from one country to another. But on our trip to Paris, we were just in time to catch the Des Jardins D’Espoir exhibition at Hotêl de Béthune-Sully close to Place Des Vosges. The exhibition was a part of the Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award, where 40 photographers had come together to present this topic from their creative perspective. The exhibition was beautiful and moving and the location at a beautiful courtyard could not have been better. You can find more information about Des Jardins D’Espoir …


When I grabbed this bunch of roses on my way home I didn’t realize how big it was. So 15 minutes later I found myself looking for extra vases from our glass recycling bag.

tiles of Lisbon

Lately I’ve been inspired by different kind of patterns and I remembered these pictures I took earlier this year at the Chiado district of Lisbon. I could easily see these beautiful patterns transferred into home textiles and clothing. UPDATE: My dear friend Maria from Portugal just commented on this saying that a couple of Portuguese designers have joined their forces and launched a collection called TILED, take a look HERE.


Comfort was my main goal when I was packing for Paris and I spent most of the weekend in one of my favorite jersey dresses, a big woolen scarf and boots made for walking.

Cupcakes @ Berko

On our way to a photo exhibition last Saturday we walked through Marais and just couldn’t resist the cupcakes at Berko on Rue Rambuteau. The choice was a difficult one as the rows of cupcakes in all colours of the rainbow seemed to continue as far as the eye could see, but I went for the Violette flavor, which was without exaggeration the best cupcake I ever tasted. Sitting down at the small terrace in front of the shop we even got some rays of early winter sun. Back home, when I was looking at Berko’s website, I was happy to notice that the company also has a shop in Brussels – I wouldn’t say no to another one of these! That was a seriously good cupcake. 10 minutes and 2,20€ well spent.