Month: December 2013

thank you santa

Christmas 2013 is behind us and we’re standing at the door step of the New Year. Even if Christmas is a holiday for spending time with the people you love and calming down after the busy month of December, I dare to say that New Year is in a way a more spiritual event. While Christmas has an undeniable material dimension to it with the gifts and the feasting, New Year is a time to really reflect who we are and where we want to be. Some people make resolutions, others more quiet plans of a better, healthier life or hopes of finding love and luck, success and prosperity. Even if the New Year’s night is practically nothing more than a night between a Tuesday and a Wednesday, we somehow feel that when that new morning comes – Anything is possible. So just before popping the champagne, I wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful items I got for Christmas. Oakley sunglasses will serve me perfectly at the ski slopes of Lapland in the …

Dec 23

Some last minute cleaning, shopping and wrapping. Tomorrow Christmas can come and fill the house with it’s warmth, joy, scents and tastes that remind of us of our childhood and make us want to smile and share valuable moments together. To make the most of this week I have a good book, food & wine, candles and most importantly: time.  

Dec 22: Sunday walk

Oops, one day late! And I was already so proud of myself for keeping the Christmas calendar alive every day. Yesterday we went shopping for ingredients for the delicious Christmas dishes at Ateliers des Tanneurs – the best bio market in the city – just behind Place Jeu de Balle and of course when taking a stroll through this interesting neighborhood and the open air second hand market you need to take your time to enjoy the atmosphere. Thanks An for the pictures!

Dec 21: Winter Solstice

This morning I woke up a good two hours later than usual and it was still dark outside. However once I got myself to get out of bed and had a cup of coffee, the day turned out really bright. The good news started with my boyfriend becoming a proud uncle, making myself feel a bit aunt-ish too 🙂 After that we got a lot of Christmas shopping done, founds some real gems at the local flea market, run into a friend and discovered an amazing little store (I’ll go an do an interview later, as I really want to share it with you!) The rest of the day was dedicated for relaxing, watching a movie, drinking tea and enjoying the candle light. I also reminded myself of the importance of taking time for myself; during the next week I plan to make plenty of time for yoga and walks in nature. It’s a good moment to reflect a bit and prepare to embrace the new year and the longer, lighter days.  

Dec 20: night at the opera

I’m just back from La Monnaie where I went to see Ambroise Thomas’ Hamlet. In all it’s darkness I found it absolutely beautiful and powerful. The multi-dimensional stage design was amazing and the contemporary and traditional elements of opera met in perfect harmony. There are still two nights and a few seats left, so I highly recommend booking your place HERE if you wish to start the Christmas celebrations with some culture.  

Dec 19: secret Santa

The present bought for secret Santa at the office can often be a real hit or miss when people are buying low budget gifts to colleagues they barely know, but l have to say l just love what l got this year! The big porcelain cup is dressed up in a pretty tasteful and cute Christmas jumper and holds in it a hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and even a small whisk. If you’re looking for a small and sympathetic gift, these are apparently available at Delhaize 🙂

Dec 18: restaurant at home

Sometimes it’s nice to take some time during the week to cook together, set a beautiful table and put on some music; just because and not for any particular reason 🙂 Preparing a meal from scratch and sitting down to eat without any hurry can take all night, but it’s like therapy for the stressed mind. And a three course “restaurant at home” dinner might be a Christmas gift idea as well.