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Dec 21: Winter Solstice

21This morning I woke up a good two hours later than usual and it was still dark outside. However once I got myself to get out of bed and had a cup of coffee, the day turned out really bright. The good news started with my boyfriend becoming a proud uncle, making myself feel a bit aunt-ish too 🙂 After that we got a lot of Christmas shopping done, founds some real gems at the local flea market, run into a friend and discovered an amazing little store (I’ll go an do an interview later, as I really want to share it with you!) The rest of the day was dedicated for relaxing, watching a movie, drinking tea and enjoying the candle light. I also reminded myself of the importance of taking time for myself; during the next week I plan to make plenty of time for yoga and walks in nature. It’s a good moment to reflect a bit and prepare to embrace the new year and the longer, lighter days.



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