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Christmas 2013 is behind us and we’re standing at the door step of the New Year. Even if Christmas is a holiday for spending time with the people you love and calming down after the busy month of December, I dare to say that New Year is in a way a more spiritual event. While Christmas has an undeniable material dimension to it with the gifts and the feasting, New Year is a time to really reflect who we are and where we want to be. Some people make resolutions, others more quiet plans of a better, healthier life or hopes of finding love and luck, success and prosperity. Even if the New Year’s night is practically nothing more than a night between a Tuesday and a Wednesday, we somehow feel that when that new morning comes – Anything is possible. So just before popping the champagne, I wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful items I got for Christmas.

xmas 1

Oakley sunglasses will serve me perfectly at the ski slopes of Lapland in the new year. I got the Marimekko long night dress for myself at Helsinki Airport as it looked so amazingly comfortable. The diamond bracelet from La Brune et La Blonde was bought already a month ago in Paris and I absolutely love it. Bobbi Brown eyeliner is the corner stone of my everyday make up. And nothing beats hand-knitted woolen socks, thanks mom!

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The Fujifilm XF1 reminds me of an old camera I had in the early 90’s (it was old already then) and it’s perfect for carrying around in a smaller bag too, and the VII Sept Bruxelles pouch fits it like the softest, most elegant leather glove. The colourful champagne glasses were a gift from a dear friend who found them in a small shop in Paris and thought of us. She also gave me the funniest (and very practical!!) gift: the A.P.C. Post-poo drops: a blend of essential oils that promises to make the visit to the bathroom more pleasant also for the people after you, brilliant marketing right there! So, here was a touch of materialism before the fresh ideas of the new year. I hope you all also enjoyed your Christmas and that if you exchanged gifts – you gave and received something personal and thoughtful.

xmas 3


  1. lovely blog AM! I didn’t know you had one! I really enjoy these kind of lifestyle blogs, I find them very inspirational. I will defo follow you! hope you are doing well in Bruxelles, I’m in a new job now and I really like it 🙂
    I wish you a wonderful new year and I will absolutely keep reading your blog. Best Wishes, Valentina

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