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treasure map of wellbeing

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What is your well-being made of? This is a good question to ask at the beginning of a new year when most of us are motivated to improve our life by becoming more healthy, starting a new exercise regime or making resolutions about quitting smoking or seeing friends more. I personally believe in holistic well-being where the body, mind and soul are in harmony and all contribute to the person’s health and feel-good state. As I want this year to be a year of well-being and personal growth, I made the above “treasure map” to study what are the things that contribute to my well-being. This is a great exercise to find out in which areas we’re lacking the balance and it can give us practical tools to build our holistic well-being. Once we have a clear vision of our well-being, we just need to put the wheels in motion and start implementing little changes in our lives. Sometimes a great deal of self-discipline is required in this process (like when the alarm goes off at 5:30 to go to yoga and life seems much better under the warm blanket). What does the map of your well-being look like?




  1. Fantastic to read and get inspired.. It really feels like this year has started with fresh energy all around and inside as well.

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